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I started out by myself, just hoping to be able to keep the lights on and make a little money.  Then as my wonderful clients spread the word about my salon, I needed to find more groomers to keep up. Thank you so much everyone, for  making my little grooming salon a success.


I love working with dogs to make them look and feel their best.  My favorite part of being a groomer is getting to know each dog's personality and quirks.  My goal is for each of my canine clients to have a fun and positive grooming experience.

Stephanie Hahn




Meet Stephanie

My name is Stephanie Hahn.  I have worked with and cared for dogs my whole life.  I started out as a child pet-sitting and volunteering at the local Humane Society.

In my adult life, I got my foot in the door working at a local pet resort, where I became the manager, and also groomed for almost eight years. Grooming has become a great passion in my life.  That is why I decided to become a full-time groomer, with my own salon, inside a pet store.  Eight months later, the store closed, but because of all the wonderful people who gave my little salon a chance, I was able to stay open and move to my own building near the store I started in.  In November of 2013, I outgrew that little building and moved to a larger (but still small) space within the same strip mall.


Meet the Team

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Me and my Bean!

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